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Family Banking-The Political Is Economic-The Economic Is Political

Here I go….

I got on my soapbox and decided to share…

Hold on….it’s a journey….50+ years in the making…

From Physical Sciences, Mathematics, History, Political Economics, Psychology

to arrive at Family Banking.

Here are the results:

when it comes to Family Banking….we must have….

-Total Control and Complete Access while operating a non-speculative (no gambling going on here) business of cash flow management…

Press Play…

I discuss my background, my influences, my insights and why

the next step is to connect with me to discuss your Family Bank…

the next step is to connect with me to discuss your Family Bank….

Imagine…You’re the Banker…

  • you have complete access to all of your cash…
  • you have total control of setting your loan terms and rates…
  • no credit checks
  • no income verification
  • you decide on what you want to invest in (no administrators involved)..
  • total liquidity….
  • grow money tax-free
  • no limits to contribution….
  • no withdrawal penalties
  • tax-free retirement cash stream
  • no speculation involved…
  • ..and more

It’s possible….but you’ve got to learn how to think differently….

Think like a Banker…Act Like a Banker

Here are some educational presentations…
the best way to find out how is to give me call

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